F1 teams

The prerequisites for the creation of the “Formula” appeared in the 1920s. Even then, the European Auto Racing Championship was held regularly – the Grand Prix. The cruising speed of 100 kilometers per hour seemed supersonic at that time, so the competition riveted hundreds of thousands of views. Starting in 1958, Formula 1 teams compete annually for victory in this Championship. For the half-century history of the championship, almost 200 of them took part in the competition. But the laurels of the winner were awarded only 34 teams. The regulations of the proposed tournament were invented before World War II, but all the plans of the organizers had, of course, to be canceled. Only in 1946, the newly created International Automobile Federation published the Formula rules. The first race took place in England, at the Silverstone circuit. They are one of the most famous teams in Formula 1: Haas, Aston Martin Red Bull, and many others.

F1 teams: leaders from all over the history

In the first five positions of the championship ranking, only recognized leaders manage to hold on. The list includes those with the highest number of victories. The most successful Formula 1 teams in the entire history of the competition are:

  • Since its first victory at Silverstone (1950), this Italian team has been the undisputed leader in the field of auto racing. The success and rich history of the company attract crowds of fans. The brand’s annual profit is $ 250,000,000, and its value is $ 1.15 billion.
  • McLaren. The debut of this F1 team took place 16 years later than the previous one – in 1966.
  • Williams F1. The engine and chassis of this Formula 1 team are recognized as one of the most powerful. It’s the third team in the history of Italian motor racing, which managed to win 100 victories in the Grand Prix since the debut in 1977.
  • After a series of failures in the 1985 season, the brand supplied the engines to other participants. In the championships after 2000, there has been a rise in the achievements of the team.
  • Brabham and Renault. This position is divided between the two brands. The first of them successfully debuted in 1964 and continued to make progress thanks to the victories of Nelson Piquet. Renault performed aerobatics at competitions in 1979, then in 1985, left the game and participated in car races after buying Benetton. In 2016, she returned to F1 under her brand name – Renault.

Other teams are also among the leaders of the championship: Benetton, Tyrell, British Racing Motors, Cooper, Alfa Romeo, Jordan, Honda, BMW, and others. The secret to winning teams in Formula 1 is different for everyone: effective technical solutions, competent management and pilot skills. Without these factors, it is impossible to get the Constructors’ Cup, because the competition in the championship is huge. Modern technical solutions of the advanced F1 teams in the development of chassis, engines, aerodynamic elements and other components of cars are used for the production of cars. So, let’s talk about teams in details.

Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari (Ferra, Red Stallions, Wagons) – the oldest and most titled team Titled, because they are very old. The founder of the office, Enzo Ferrari, long ago went to the heavenly problems but his cause lives and thrives. Nowadays, Ferrari F1 belonged to the FIAT concern and was headed by Sergio Markquione, a Fiat mega boss (by 2014, Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo’s appointee. His visits to the race traditionally failed until he died in the fall of 2018. In Italy, the team was adored to such an extent that Italian riders from other teams frankly do not care. “Ferrari is our all.”

In the last decade, the team is most famous for the fact that it was here that Schumacher became the Seven-time and Red Baron, turning the endless victories of the 2001–2002 and 2004 championships into a celebration of sadness and predictability. After leaving consistently Shumi, technical director of Brown, designer Rory Byrne, and team manager Todt, the stable began to roll slightly, but not far. First, Kimi suddenly won the title, taking advantage of an internal argue in Mukhlyaren and then regularly Alonso. Even once Massa fought for victory in full. Ferrari is famous for bringing the principle of “command tactics” to the uttermost trend and absurdity. The team always has an adorable “first number” and completely powerless pilot tail which the shadow of the boss does not dare to cast.

However, from the 2014 season, there was such a situation that there were two champions in the team (Ololonso and Aizmann) like there was no one to replicate, which the ferry confirmed soon after having removed Alfonso from the post. It turned out that there was no need for anybody because the Reds had built an enchanting tractor. Also, for the year in the team, the manager changed twice (first they turned around at Domenicali then sharply turned around Mattiacci. It was he who replaced him for the file with the Alonso contract and the general lack of progress). The new head, Arrivabene, kicked half the technical staff out of the team, and for a good reason, apparently, because Ferra finally finished something that looked like a Formula 1 car. They even quickly began to win races, but then just as promptly ceased.


McLaren (Macs) are also old and titled too, but not so much. They traditionally try to overtake Ferrari, and they sometimes succeed. Founded in the 60s by one Scottish New Zealander named Bruce, who very soon self-destructed. In the 80s, the team was bought by the great man Ron Dennis, who turned it into a real terminator. First with Lauda and finally with Senna Maki, in the 80s everyone has torn apart, to the extent that in 1988 they won all the races except ONE. These years are also unforgettable by the fact that partners Maca Prost and Senna vied on the track, fought in interviews and built each other’s intrigues. Maclaren spent the mid-90s in crisis, then sold the immortal soul to the German fascist invader, Mercedes, the motorist, and again went on to success – two titles with Hakkinen, vice-champions with Coulthard and Raikkonen. But the most spectacular act was the championship of 2007 when Dennis finally found new Prost and Senna – Alonso with Hamilton, who both won and fought, just like in the good old days. Shortly before that, Dennis, naturally, spat out the secret technologies of Ferrari, on which he had been sleeping with terrible force. Secret always becomes clear. The result is a ban Mukhlyarien from the federation and title by Ferrum. The following year, Hami still won back, winning the title almost by accident, and so far this is the last epic wine team. By the way, “Silver Arrows” is not the name of McLaren himself, but his now former mechanic Mercedes. The original color of the team was generally orange.

In 2014, after the fiercely seasoned 2013 season, the legendary Ron Dennis returned behind the wheel of the team, throwing on Martin Whitmarsh, and, oddly enough, calling the fat Boule from Lotus, but the results did not improve much. From 2015, Macs switched to Honda’s samurai engines, and the Japanese and Dennis started to hang plenty of noodles on everyone’s ears potential of the car. But you won’t go far on chatter, as first the failures showed and then Australia cars on the last row (for the first time in the history of Mac), Magnussen’s meeting before the start of the race. Button’s finished at the eleventh (last) place in two (!) circles from the leaders. Such a miracle of technology had to try to do. The absence of the title sponsor and the overall discouragement of the coloring symbolize. However, little progress has been made, for the initially strangled small motor is slowly reviving. Yet, at the end of 2016, Ron Dennis was again thrown out into the cold, and Ross Brown’s namesake named Zak replaced him. At the end of 2017, they abandoned Honda’s engines in favor of Renault’s client motor, which undoubtedly puts an end to the team’s champion ambitions until at least 2021. It was when new Porsche-type auto concerns should come under the new engine regulations.


Sauber has an office in Switzerland. In Switzerland, all races are prohibited, except for an extreme climb on a rock. This is where the Zauber story began. Then there were prototypes for Le Mans, and in 1993 the team had grown to F1. True, she had to act only a couple of seasons as an intelligence service for Mercedes, which were going to the races. They also were suppliers of Bison engines, called Ilmor. But this idea didn’t work, Mercy threw Sauber and started giving drivers to McLaren, and Sauber had to take Ford threshers. Since 1995, the “energetics” from Red Bull became the sponsor of the stable, and in 1996, the energetics from Petronas, whose name was stuck on last year’s Ferrari engines. The first six seasons the team kept in the middle of the table, sometimes came to the podium, but 1999 and 2000 spent in the mainstream UG. In 2001, she managed to take the 4th place in the team competition.

In early 2005, Red Bull threw Sauber to left its team in very interesting mode. Two thousand six went on a swing, and in 2007–2008, the BMW-Sauber team delivered everything to everyone. But the crisis struck, the club closed (read – BMW chafed), what to do? And then the glorious Herr Peter Zauber takes back his charm almost for nothing. 2010 and 2011 years were for the dispersal, gathering and pulling up of cowards. In 2012 the team created a car that brought Sergio Perez to the podium three times and once Kamui Kobayashi (and in Japan, which led to sharp rejoicing of handsome boys). In general, the number of stars who played for the Sauber envies the team more abruptly. Someone used the team as a springboard like Frentzen, Raikkonen or Massa. Among others Alesi, Herbert, Villeneuve, and the same Fretzen were but only in 2003 and in fact, they were already reaching their careers. At the end of 2012, Peter escaped from the races, leaving the farm to an unpleasant woman – Kaltenborn Moniz.

The 2014 Bison season turned out to be a fierce file: for the first time in history (!) For the entire season, the team did not earn any points. It was an epic fail. Suffering from poorness for the season-15 they signed contracts with the Swedish wallet Eriksson and the new Brazilian talent Felipe Nasr. Guido sued and won the case, ripping off Sauber a penalty of 15 Lyamov. So that. Meanwhile, the Bisons suddenly drove off, in the very first race Nasr the newcomer came fifth, and Ericsson – the eighth, which is unequivocal epic wines compared to last season. The season of 2016 risked to finish at the last place in QC behind Manor. But in the rain in Brazil, Nasr, who lost outright to Ericsson the whole year, managed to tear out 2 points and the prize money for the team. From 2018, Sauber became a Red farm team, from where Leclerc was transferred to Ferrari in 2019. Then Raikkonen takes his place from Ferrari. At the end of the 2018 season, Sauber drove so fast that even Ericsson on this car manages to qualify right behind Red Bull. This instills hope that their idol will not only reach his career.


Williams is not much younger than the McLaren, they are inferior to them in the number of titles taken. Nevetherless they are much higher than the amplitude of ups and downs. What and became famous. The longest failing took place in 2005–2013, when not only victories but even poles and podiums (and in 2006, 2011 and 2013 and points) were strictly on big holidays. They were founded by a designer with the corresponding last name, Sir Frank Williams, famous for having nearly killed himself in an accident and has since preferred to travel in a wheelchair.

In good times, they were delivered by taking two good pilots and providing them with full equality, and those with joy were not averse to taking a comrade off the track. The epic example is the title scooped by Mansell and Peak on a truck in 1986. Not less delivered Shumi, Jr. and Montoya in 2001-2004. A year after their departure, the t eam was also left without the factory support of BMW motor mechanic, which led to the epic subsidence of all polymers, with the exception of a couple of sudden moments. So, in Brazil-2010, Hulkenberg extremely won the pole, bringing Vettel a full second, and in Spain 2012 the Venezuelan scumbag and rental driver Maldonado on Williams first won the pole. Then Alonso was fighting for the first place in the race and finally won! Gradually, the Pitchforks became disillusioned with the Renault engines, from 2014 Mercedes units got stuck in their race cars, and hit the jackpot and the Germans completely the opposite. So in 2014, they finally broke off a record series of despondency in a row, collecting a lot of points and several podiums. In the 2015 season, however, progress stopped and, with the live Mercedes AMG and Ferrari, the Forks didn’t pretend to places above the fifth, the 2016 season in general was lost by Force India. In 2017, the Pitchfork in the composition of Massa and Stroll, who hit the jackpot in Baku, barely kept fifth place ahead of Reno and Toro Rosso, and in 2018 they managed to build the slowest car in the championship, half a second behind even the Sauber.

Red Bull

Red Bull (Bull) is young team, brazenly advertising the eponymous energy drink. At one time, it was notable for merry antics, recklessness and lack of attention to results, but as soon as Newy built the first time for them. They turned into an ordinary dull team like McLaren with strict rules and refined press releases. Having no long glorious history, no past brightness and fun, and even bringing intrigue to nothing, especially in the 2011 and 2013 seasons, they are simply hated by all F1 fans!

A team appeared in the 2005th year, having redeemed, symbolically, the Jaguar team. The owner of this team, Dietrich Mateschitz, immediately began to inject billions of Austrorubles. He also bought the track somewhere in his homeland and at the same time also the epic Minardi team. But right off the bat did not work, the first seasons of the newly-minted Red Bull Racing team were still somewhere in the middle, like its predecessor. It got to the point that in the 2008 season extremely the team showed worse results than the results of  Scuderia Toro Rosso second number team, which was dumped from the master’s table, which is not a pity. The disappointment with such a joke turned out to be so great that the In 2010 – the Cup of Designers and the Personal Score of Vettel’s name. In 2011, thanks to Vettel’s early champignon and the smooth ride of the Kangaroo, the second Designer Cup was also taken ahead of schedule. In 2012, they proved that God loves a trinity, and took the third title. In 2013, not only did they win again. But they looked so much stronger than the rest, that during the reign of Schumacher, it seemed there was more intrigue. But in the 2014th, the regulations changed and the Bulls crap, because Renault gathered the kettle again. Because Rikkyardo, who came from the “calves,” suddenly drove so that the wick even saw his rear wing on major holidays. Wick knocked out of the team, and in his place Danya Kvyat took.

However, in the 2015 season, boys from Reno again made a damnable engine: in Australia, Kvyat did not even start, and Riccardo somehow reached sixth place, and in Malaysia. They completely slumped behind the “calves”. The bulls fiercely besieged Renoshnikov with their wives and, amid the success of the Mercedes, began to whine about a possible departure from the Circus. In 2016, the fail was stopped – first, suddenly replacing Kvyat Verstappen, no less suddenly won his first race as part of the Bull, after a collision between two Mercedes. And then they got the winning double in Malaysia after the burned engine from Ham. Mercy, of course, turned out to be even more inaccessible than before. But the Ferrari Gobies were smashed into their heads. In the season of 2019, they risk being left without an engine, as Renault refused to supply them with engines after 2018. Help suddenly came from Honda, with whom they broke the contract in McLaren. Now the Japanese will have to bring their motor to mind in the Toro Rosso race cars – they will be set in motion from 2019.


Mercedes F1 (Mercy, Silver Arrows, Brown (under Brown’s signboard in 2009), Tyrrell, BAR, etc.) is the very German brand. The team was washed down in 2010 to everyone, surprisingly, because at that time the automakers from F1 did just the opposite. So Mercedes spat on the crisis and bought a team. Strictly speaking, the stable exists on the site of Brawn, the former Honda, the former BAR, the former Tyrrell, in a word, the owners changed at least the Enstountus, and could claim two Tyrrell titles and one Designer Cup, taken by Jackie Stewart in the 70s. But the pedigree is derived from the old Merce, who played in F-1 in the 50s and also won a couple of championships (the CC was not given then). Despite the triumphant march of W196, Mercedes knocked out of Formula and, in general, from motor racing after their offspring made heroes Pierre Leveg and another 82 spectators in 1955.

According to legend, the silver color of Mercedes appeared like this: in 1934, the mechanics needed to reduce the weight of the car by 1 kilogram in one night in order to keep within the 750 kilos established by the regulations. So they had nothing left to do except to scrape off all the paint from the unit (white)). However, from that team this one has only a coloring and make, and the rest is from Tyrrell. With the exception of the base that Jacques Villeneuve and Craig Pollock created for the 1999 season from scratch for BAR.

The current version of Merce is famous for having Ross Brown, the superstrateg and seven-time Michael Schumacher, could not bring the latter even to the podium, disgracing the old man to the whole world. In 2012, finally, Nico Rosberg won the race for the unfortunate Merce, and Shumi finally went up to the podium and dumped it with a clear conscience. Newetheless the season was pissed off. In 2013, Nigra was signed and made a wheelbarrow, devilishly fast in qualifying and wildest unreliable in the race, due to which they won races, they shamefully poured, starting from pole position. But in the end, they grabbed the second place in QC, ahead of Ferrareys who scored for the season and did not pay Lotus salaries for Raikkonen. In 2014, they quickly realized that it was necessary to build on the new regulations, and washed down the unreal cosmos, and even without a penis on the nose. At the Grand Prix of Russia, the team won QC ahead of schedule, with a huge margin from rivals, that there is an epic of wines. In 2015 and 2016 again took all the titles, and Nico Rosberg became the champion among pilots in 2016, who, to his joy, took and dumped for early retirement, leaving the team with Bottas instead of himself. But the winning tread of the team did not stop. Although in 2017 and 2018, Vettel tried to argue with it both times until the fall.

Team from Enstone

Renault F1 is a “team from Enstone”, which changed owners and names over 100,500 times although it is very much inferior to the ones mentioned above. It began as Toleman, then it was bought by pasta-made clothing manufacturers Benetton, and in 2002, the Renault and finally, in 2011, it suddenly became Lotus. They were founded not to remember anyone, but under different names the team was driven by the Sicilian Flavio Briatore for most of the history.

Benetton is famous for the fact that Schumacher won the first two titles, then not a red baron, but rather a blue one. Renault is famous for the fact that Fonzo won the same two titles on it. And what is most characteristic: both then went to Ferrari. With the departure of Bankirso, the team began to have financial problems and failures, and even with his temporary return, they did not disappear. In 2009, the stable experienced scandal with the dismissal of team leader Flavio Briatore and the head of the engineering department Pat Symonds (accident Wrong Peak in Singapore-08) also delivered the LADA logo on the machines of the 2010 season, which symbolized both the presence of Petrov in the team and the speed of this trough, although Kubica regularly fought for the podiums.

In 2011, Renault finally realized that there would be no money and results, for the rat, and almost closed the shop. As a result, they sold it to Lotus Group and it turned out Lotus Renault GP, popularly Renotus. They immediately tried to declare themselves the heirs of the good old Team Lotus Colin Chapman (which is cooler, because she has 7 titles, not 4, as in fact Enstoountus). The desire for the fame of THOSE “Lotus” is seen in the coloring of the cars: the team moved from the traditional yellow-crested to the black and golden color scheme, the color of the Lotus 70s-80s. Well, the races are not the same. They deliver their onboard views, as in a fantastic killer car. In the middle of the 2011 season, Lotus went all over the world to mid-level type Force India and other petty riffraff. But in 2012 they bought Kimi and drove to the podiums. In 2013, the main beggars of the peloton, who threw themselves at the loot of both their own mechanics and Eisman (who by the end of the season decided to get sick and take a break from racing), won the dubious fame, and after the end of the season they confirmed their title by hiring Maldonado for a couple of Grosjean. Although in 2014 we didn’t have to overtake too much, because Renault had a profile with engines, and Satan, like Newy, wasn’t in the design bureau, and even two penises on his nose did not help.

And the team made conclusions: having sent a Reno, from the season-15 they switched to Mercedes engines. So that by the season 2016 they would again became the property of Renault which was tired of riveting the engines for the Bulls. In 2016, the net speeds are about the same as in 2014, thrice wearing glasses three times during the whole season. For 2017, the ever-promising Hulkenberg was signed, who regularly brings points, albeit at most in sixth place. For 2018, Carlos Sainz was taken to him in a pair. So the black-yellow glasses began to gain two cars already. And in 2019, Rikkiardo took the pair to the Hulk, apparently with the hope of podiums.

All teams of Formula 1 decided on the compositions for the next season. World champion Lewis Hamilton will continue to play for Mercedes, just like his teammate Valtteri Bottas. Winner of the season-2018 Sebastian Vettel remained in the “Ferrari”. But Kimi Raikkonen left the Italian “stable” and next year will speak for “Sauber”. Robert Kubica, a few years ago, experienced a serious accident in a rally, got a place in the Williams team. A world champion in 2005 and 2006, Fernando Alonso left the “Big Prizes”. The 2019 season starts on March 17 in Melbourne, Australia.